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Essential Knowledge of CE

Natural cellulose is a natural highmolecular material with insolubility in water, biodegradation, nontoxicity,good biocompatibility and other features; it has several hundred million tonsof reserves annually in nature, and is an important renewable resource. Many derivatives can be produced by changing chemical structure of natural cellulosein modern industrial chemistry so that the application of natural cellulose has been enlarged.

As an important derivative of cellulose, cellulose ether uses cotton and wood pulp refined by fiber-rich cotton and wood asraw materials, and non-ionic cellulose ether soluble in water is made by fine chemical reaction such as alkalization, etherification and neutralization as well as many processes such as desolvation, washing desalination, surface treatment, granulation, drying, grinding, sieving and homogenizing.

Macro application features of cellulose ether depend on its micro chemical molecular structure features, such as thickening,suspension, dispersion, emulsification, adhesion, film forming, lubrication and water retention, thus cellulose ether has been extensively applied in thefields of oil exploitation, building, coating, synthetic resin, paper making,spinning, daily chemicals and food.

Adhering to the concept of green circulareconomy, i.e. emphasizing environmental protection and focusing on human health, Shandong Merica New Materials Co., Ltd.has built up a professional waste water, exhaust gas and dust recycling system and has performed 24-hour real time monitoring in its production base. With leading production processes, we have reduced energy consumption by improving production efficiency and have lowered wastewater discharge, noise and dust by improving water use efficiency in order to protect workers' health.


Alkali    cellulose

Alkalization    reaction

Viscosity representation

Viscosity is an important parameter formeasurement of performance of cellulose ether solution, and there are manymethods of viscosity measurement. For 2% solution, the relationship betweendifferent test methods is as follows.


Etherification    reaction

Unit: mPa·s    

Wastewater Treatment System