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Merica® CE contribution to mortar

Importantcontribution of Merica® cellulose ether to construction performanceof mortar

Modern building mortar isrequired to have appropriate construction consistency and water retentivity todelay the moisture desorption of mortar, prolong operable time and open time(open assembly time), and enhance wet tack, adhesion stress after setting andhardening and crack resistance. Addition of Merica® cellulose ethermakes it easy to meet these requirements. For alkaline cement and lime system,neutral gypsum and mortar system, or cementitious material - free mortarsystem,  Merica® celluloseether can form viscosity and consistency, wettability, sagging resistance andsmoothness as required in the process of mixing of mortar and water, makingconstruction performance of mortar perfect.

Merica®cellulose ether makes mortar construction easier

For building mortar manufacturedby modern factory, its performance requirements depend on its applicationfunction, supply method, construction method and habit, constructionenvironment and social and economic cost condition etc. Preference of mortarapplication varies with different regions. For example, Asians prefer smoothand fine building surface, while Europeans and North Americans prefer rough andnatural building surface texture.

According tocomponent and function, building mortar products can be categorized as follows:

Ø  Interface treating agent

Ø  Mortar for reparation

Ø  Waterproof mortar

Ø  Cement-based plastering mortar

Ø  Ceramic tile adhesive, ceramic  tile joint mixture

Ø  Gypsum-based plastering mortar

Ø  Gypsum board joint mixture

Ø   Interior and exterior wall putty

Ø   Light thermal insulation mortar

Ø   Thin plastering system bonding, crack-resistance mortar

Ø   Stucco mortar

Ø   Liquid mortar, such as self-leveling, grouting material, duct grouting  material

Ø   Cement products by extrusion process

Ø   Other special mortar or concrete

Performance ofbuilding mortar is based on performance of mortar raw material and formuladesign required by general performance.

Inorganic cementitious materials                      

Silicate-based: ash cementand white cement

Special cement: aluminatecement, sulphate aluminium cement

Gypsum, limestone

Organic cementitious materials                      

Re-dispersible latexpowder

Emulsion, VAE/ACR/SA/SBR,...


Fine fillers: calciumcarbonate powder, talcum powder, quartz powder etc.

Coarse aggregates: quartzsand, carbonate sand etc.

Common fillers: lightfiller, heavy filler

Inorganic aggregate,organic aggregate

Activefillers: fly ash, superfine slag powder, silica fume, metakaolin, zeolitepowder


Water-retaining agent,thickener, thixotropic agent, lubricant, air-entraining agent, defoaming agent,retarder, coagulant, hardening accelerator, expanding agent, shrinkage reducingagent, wetting agent, water repellent

Organic fiber, inorganicfiber

Iron oxide pigment