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For Building Industry

TS® G 1203  

  • Special designed for hand application gyspsum base coat

  • Easy troweling and leveling

  • Excellant shaping ability

Mercia® L44

  • Special designed for  machine application of gyspsum plaster

  • Easy  mxing, pumping , troweling and ,leveling

  • Good sagging resistance

Thickner for liquid detergent industry

TS® DK1200N5S is a thickener for detergent with properties such as thickening, foamstabilization, decontamination, emulsification and dispersion. It iscompatible with other detergent aids and has extensive applicability to liquiddetergent, shower gel, shampoo, liquid soap, and laundry detergent and otherproducts.

Product features

  • Rapid dispersing, dissolvingin cool water, no lumping, speed of viscositysetting up asrequired;

  • Super thickening effect,also applicable to formulation systems which are difficult to be thickenby many other thickeners

  • High tolerance to ionic concentration and pH value;

  • Goodsynergistic thickening effect with NaCl or 6501, and can be applied to varioussurfactant systems;

  • Excellentemulsification and suspension functions and improvementof stability of oilphase in detergent.

  • Macromolecular structure with goodeffect of foam stabilization;

  • High gelation temperature withgood gelation resistance;

  • High transparency;

  • Good anti-enzymeability, good storage stability in powder and liquid form;

  • As an inert metabolite withphysiological innocuity, this product is safe and nontoxic to human body.